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Who We Are

ABPL is a social impact company limited by guarantee. It was formally registered in Kenya in 2021, but has been in operation as Kenya Biogas Program (KBP), a national program under Hivos foundation since 2015. ABPL as KBP has over the last 6 years played the role of market facilitator for domestic bio-digester sub sector in Kenya. Moving forward ABPL has seen the need to extend the same pivotal support to the entire bio-energy value chains in Kenya, primarily aligning with the global sustainable development goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate Action) among others; and the national bio energy strategy 2020 Kenya. ABPL is responding to the existing gap in sustainable access to clean and affordable energy fuels and technologies for domestic and productive uses in Kenya.

Vision: Clean energy driving Africa’s economy

ABPL has majorly contributed in the development of the bio-digester market in Kenya. We have done this through supporting SMEs in Kenya to deploy quality bio-digester technologies to households in Kenya. ABPL has the ambition of expanding this market stimulation and development support across the entire bioenergy solutions spectrum. Since 2015, we have offered technical capacity, financial linkages, quality management, extension and customer service support to 147 entrepreneurs dealing in biodigester construction and installations. Our support has enabled these entrepreneurs deliver quality and affordable biogas systems to small holder farmers at profitable scales.


To support communities build sustainable bioenergy enterprises for accelerated universal access to affordable clean energy

How We Work

ABPL’s business model is derived from the community marketing model, centred on Aggregating Bio-energy Consumers for Development and Entrepreneurship (ABCDE). This model builds the capacity of user communities to be entry points for bio-energy technology and service interventions targeting their communities. Having over 22,000 consumers spread across the country, we have organized them in sub-county organs referred to as sub-county bio-energy users’ hubs BUHs. These sub county organs are further organized at the national level to form the National Bioenergy Users Congress (NBUC) which becomes a critical force for lobby and advocacy to influence an enabling environment for energy access.

Value Proposition

We establish and build capacity of bioenergy user enterprises
ABPL has organises households into bioenergy user hubs units (BUH’s). We provide capacity development aimed at elevating their role from only technology users, into active players in the bioenergy value and supply chain. This has enhanced efficiency in the supply chain and created sustainable enterprise opportunities for communities.
We provide business development services and linkages
ABPL facilitates networking in the clean cooking sector through stakeholder engagement forums and the BUHs community marketing model. Through the organised units (BUHs) ABPL provides B2B and B2C linkages between the BUHs and credible suppliers and service providers in the bioenergy sector.
We undertake program/project development and management services
ABPL provides turnkey project management services for both commercial and non-commercial development partners/clients. Our services are end to end, from feasibility, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and maintenance.
We provide bioenergy advisory services
ABPL offers technical support and advisory services in the bioenergy subsector for government, private companies and NGO’s on; results based financing, carbon credits, impact measurement and monitoring, technical studies including; feasibility studies and surveys in the clean cooking energy sector.
We facilitate carbon credits aggregation and program development
ABPL works with households through the BUHs to optimise their aggregated carbon emission reduction, facilitates development of carbon programs for these households and reinvesting the proceeds into the BUHs for the benefit of the communities contributing to the credits earned. We also offer similar services to independent project and programs in the renewable energy sector.

Our Target Groups

These remain our primary target, and with all our services we provide a guarantee for quality bio-energy solutions through linkages to qualified accredited suppliers, we provide quality control services, customer care support and entrepreneurial opportunities.
Bioenergy Entrepreneurs/companies
We provide technical support and skill improvement on bio-energy solutions and technologies, support in promotion and marketing through BUE’s network across the country, as well as providing entrepreneurship capacity development
National and local Governments
We work with the government as a core collaborator and enabler in the efforts to deliver climate change action and sustainable development goals at national level, and we build the capacity of county governments to create an enabling environment for achieving universal energy access for their population.
Development Partners/Investors/Donors
We deliberately build partnerships with organisations with which we share a common vision of clean energy driving Africa’s economy from household level to industries and economies.

Our Team

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Salome Wahome Monitoring,Evaluation and Learning Officer Explore Profile

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Our Work/Clients

Program Management Services

Smart Biogas Program- It’s a real-time monitoring system for biogas digesters. It provides greater transparency for the sector, fostering confidence for all stakeholders and engendering growth.


Carbon Credit Aggregation

Using biogas improves living conditions and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Monitoring and Evaluation Automation

INCREASE Program SNV-Zambia-This programs seeks to increase the social, economic and environmental resilience and equity in agriculture and energy systems, through strengthening the adaptive capacity of agricultural and energy systems.


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