Kevin Kinusu is a strategic thinker in social entrepreneurship, SME Coach, and social enterprise builder. Currently, the founding team leader of the Kenya biogas program registered as Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited in Kenya. This enterprise has stemmed from a public-private partnership program under the Africa Biogas Partnership Program (ABPP).

The biogas program in Kenya under Kinusu’s leadership is the fastest growing and most extensive domestic biogas program in Africa by household adoption rates and a winner of the globe energy award Kenya 2019. Kinusu, under this program, has supported over 22,000 rural households’ access clean and sustainable cooking energy by enabling them to adopt domestic bio-digesters. Under KBP, Kevin supports 147 biogas SMEs in Kenya. These companies have generated over 6000 full-time equivalent job opportunities across Kenya over the last six years.

Kinusu has provided leadership in building start-ups in Kenya and in the region, this include; the National Potato Council of Kenya –NPCK where he also served as the interim coordinator in 2011. In the same year, he was part of the establishment of the Kenya climate change working group (KCCWG)and was representing agriculture-oriented civil society organizations in the national steering committee, and chaired a climate change bill task force. In his time with KCCWG, he led in the lobby to develop a climate change bill enacted in 2016. as a program manager, Kevin worked with Oxfam GB as the national climate change advocacy officer in 2012.

He joined Hivos Foundation in 2013 as the climate and energy advocacy coordinator for the East Africa region, and in 2015 moved to techfortrade as the East Africa Program Director before taking up the challenge to build the Kenya Biogas program where he serves to date. Kinusu comes in with strategic thinking and decision making experience in supporting start-ups in the social enterprise space to set up, build and define their value proposition and realize both impact and longevity sustainability

Kinusu is passionate about developing value-based and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

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