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Africa Biogas Carbon Programme - Kenya

The Africa Bioenergy Programs Limited (ABPL) takes this opportunity to invite you to participate in the Africa Biogas Carbon Programme - Kenya – 001 (GS 2750) & Africa Biogas Carbon Programme - Kenya – 006 (GS 5801) Stakeholder Feedback Round (SFR) for Renewal of Crediting Period following your participation in the Local Stakeholder Consultation meeting that took place on 27th April 2022 at Pride Inn Azure Hotel, Lantana Road Westlands in Nairobi from 9: 00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

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Terms Of Reference For Consultancy To Conduct Data Verification And Reissuance Of Certificates To VPA6 Households

Introduction and background Biogas digesters allow the production of sustainable fuel from organic waste through anaerobic digestion. The biogas can be used as a..

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The After Sales Service Treasure

Fridah Gatwiri, is a happy satisfied biogas farmer who hails from Kioro village, Kithirune location, Meru County, Kenya. Her knowledge of biodigesters was established when..

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