Bio-Energy MSME Support Pillar

To support our BCEs, the Africa Biogas Program has modelled a marketing approach for biogas and other forms of clean energy with the aim of building effective marketing and business development structure for the biogas sector, this approach is called the Biogas Marketing Hub model (BMH). The models empowers active Biogas entrepreneurs, to enhance their entrepreneurial capacities to be able to grow their business while supporting the global effects of reducing the negative effects of climate change.
The program has in the past run a successful accelerator program with E4Impact, an external partner that saw 15 BCE participate and the notable results were:
- Development of a working business model.
- Improved financial management e.g. separating personal and business finances.
-Development of a well-defined marketing strategy.
- Improved pitching and business presentations.
- Growth in revenues and customer base.
- Built and improved their online presence through digital marketing channels to build their brand and support in customer acquisition.
The program moreover provides an opportunity for the BCE to benefit from BEAF (Biogas Enterprise Access Fund) by not only enhancing their skills and knowledge, but also access grants. The grants are for the expansion of BCEs so to enhance the building of bio-digesters for clean energy in Kenya that stands at 17,000 units as opposed to the targeted 2 million bio-digesters. The Bio-energy growth pillar in the country is pegged on the growth of BCE, hence with the capacity building and funding more BCE are expected to reach out to more clients for the development of bio-digesters.


01.Market Penetration and Expansion Advisory services

We works with MSE hubs to enhance the appreciation and adoption of bio-energy programs within the communities both at a domestic and commercial level. This programs promote the benefits by encouraging bio-energy MSEs and users through supporting the development of bio-digesters among other bio-energy products.
We are currently working with 25 hubs within which they have developed and supported 40 consumer enterprises (MSE) that continue to provide bio-energy services in communities. For more information on our bioenergy market penetration through hubs read here.

02.Customer Relationship Management services.

We are working with Techno brain an IT firm that will facilitate in providing the following services to Biogas User Hubs within the ABPL program:
- Extension and training.
- After sales services.
- Provision of biogas related information like appliance dealership.
- Sourcing of competitive and certified bio-digester technical service providers.
- Grievance and issue resolution services.

03.MSME Extension services

ABPL works with a team of highly qualified BCEs to support the bio-digester constructed, while also ensuring that more bio-energy facilities are constructed domestically and commercially within their communities. We are currently working with 20 BCEs across the 47 counties as indicated in here.

04.Technical support

Don Bosco Development Outreach Network (DBDON) has partnered with Africa Bioenergy Programs Ltd (ABPL) to implement a bio-energy project dubbed “Green skills for a greener community”. The project aims at creating “Green Campuses” in their rural institution in Makuyu, Muranga County in order to be a model of sustainable practices in learning institution and disseminate the same within the neighboring communities through the youth that are being trained in the institution. Within the the two year project, local farmers within will be engaged as their farms will act as demonstration centers for the use of bio-slurry once bio-digesters have been installed.


01.Biogas Marketing Hubs

Show how they operate and the impact they have had in shaping and promoting the message of clean renewable energy especially in the counties. Showcase a success stories highlighting the impact the hub has had in promoting bio energy.

02.Bio-slurry optimization

On this we highlight the training done by the extension workers on bio-slurry optimisation on farm for different uses and value chains application. We will also use a case study to highlight on the success that this has achieved while also providing the projections for growth in building renewable energy in the country

03.Bio-energy MSME training

We will focus on quality management intervention and showcase the benefit of the acceleration program in the counties and more so in building new energy business that are geared towards promoting clean energy and creating employment within the sector. On this intervention we will also highlight on the customer care functions that are provided by techno brain.

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