Bioenergy Hub


Bioenergy Hubs

This pillar is dedicated to providing a variety of services to bioenergy consumers, with a specific focus on households that own and utilize biogas and other bioenergy technologies. The main objective of this endeavor is to raise awareness, provide comprehensive training, and deliver effective post-purchase services. It is worth noting that ABPL has already compiled a database of more than 23,000 bio digester units, indicating a significant existing reach. This pillar acts as a platform for actively engaging with bioenergy consumers by organizing them into cohesive groups and efficiently coordinating various service providers. Moreover, to ensure the smooth delivery of services at the bioenergy hubs, ABPL is dedicated to meticulously assessing the need for additional county coordinators.

Objectives and Outputs

Formation and activation of bioenergy CBOs


The Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are esteemed associations comprised of individuals utilizing bioenergy. In the past year, we have successfully founded 35 fully accredited CBOs nationwide. These entities are uniting bioenergy users within their specified jurisdiction, supervising service provision, and engaging stakeholders proactively. Presently, the jurisdictional scope is delineated as the sub-counties. Once established, the CBOs function as the primary community involvement framework for ABPL with bioenergy users to offer vital services. ABPL extends technical and financial assistance to the CBOs to facilitate the delivery of services to their constituents.

How It Works


The Bioenergy Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) established by ABPL have been crafted using a comprehensive manual to ensure uniformity in their approach and structure. These CBOs serve as the cornerstone of our carbon project community engagement framework. By implementing a performance-based carbon revenue sharing model through the CBOs, ABPL has successfully incentivized active participation among them. ABPL’s regional coordinators work closely with the CBOs to guarantee seamless service delivery. Through the CBOs, we establish cohesive connections between communities and bioenergy service providers, such as construction firms. The CBOs ensure that their members and the community at large have access to certified and reputable enterprises that uphold high standards, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of service provision. When these CBOs converge to form a Hub at the county level, they are expected to attract new bioenergy consumers, consequently driving up the demand for enterprise assistance in bioenergy solutions

Functions of Bioenergy Hub

The bioenergy hubs are established at the county level through the consolidation of all Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) within that county. These hubs serve as pivotal collaboration platforms at the county level, facilitating interactions and fostering peer learning among the CBOs. The bioenergy hubs play a crucial role in various activities, including:

  • – Mobilization, trainings and coordination of bioenergy users into vibrant CBOs.
  • – Service delivery including after sales services, repair and service provider linkages.
  • – Outreach and awareness creation on bioenergy. This will be achieved through participation in fairs, media campaigns, and other outreach platforms.
  • – Lobby and advocacy at county and sub-county level.
  • – Partnership engagements including county governments and other local partners.
  • – Resource mobilization for specific hub activities.
  • – Diffuse new technologies including those coming from the Center of Excellence.
  • – Engagements with service providers (including construction enterprises) for quality control.