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Who we are

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Africa Bioenergy Programs Ltd (ABPL) is a company limited by guarantee that focuses on promoting bioenergy technology solutions for both domestic and industrial clients. ABPL was formally registered in Kenya in 2021 and has over 8 years of experience in deploying biodigester technology solutions for households. To date we have served over 23,000 households access clean cooking energy and organic fertilizer solutions and supported 147 local enterprises grow their business in fixed dome biodigester construction services in Kenya.

ABPL started as Kenya Biogas Program (KBP) contracted under Hivos Foundation to manage implementation of a national biodigester project between 2015-2019. Social Impact remains the primarily goal of the company, in alignment with the global sustainable development goals, majorly goal number 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate Action) among others. ABPL is responding to the existing gap of access to affordable and sustainable clean energy solution technologies, innovations, and management practices (TIMPs) for domestic and productive uses in Kenya

vision & Mission

OurVision & Mission

Our Vision

Clean energy driving Africa’s economy

Our Mission

To support communities, build sustainable bioenergy enterprises for accelerated universal access to affordable clean energy

Our Values

  • We value Professionalism
  • We value Empowerment.
  • We value Accountability.
  • We value Knowledge.

Value Preposition

 ABPL has organised households into bioenergy user hubs units (BUH’s). We provide capacity development aimed at elevating their role from only technology users, into active players in the bioenergy value
and supply chain. This has enhanced efficiency in the supply chain and created sustainable enterprise
opportunities for communities

 ABPL facilitates networking in the clean cooking sector through stakeholder engagement forums and the BUHs community marketing model. Through the organized units (BUHs) ABPL provides B2B and 2 B2C linkages between the BUHs and credible suppliers and services providers in the bioenergy secto

 ABPL provides turnkey project management services for both commercial and non-commercial development partners/clients. Our services are end to end, from feasibility, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and maintenance

 ABPL offers technical support and advisory services in the bioenergy subsector for government, private companies and NGO’s on; results based financing, carbon credits, impact measurement and monitoring,
4 technical studies including; feasibility studies and surveys in the clean cooking energy sector

 ABPL is a Coordinating Management Entity (CME) for 5 gold standard carbon projects covering Kenya,
Uganda and Tanzania, a component we incorporate in all our project design as a climate action agenda
and sustainability factor.
Our approach is to organise households into Bioenergy User Hubs (BUHs) to optimise their aggregated
carbon emission reduction, facilitates development of carbon programs for these households and reinvesting the proceeds through the BUHs for the benefit of the communities contributing to the credits
earned. We also offer similar services to independent project and programs in the renewable energy


Kawi Safi, Mbolea Shwari!

Promoting bioenergy technology solutions for both domestic and industrial clients

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SDGs Contribution

Our Contributions to SDGs

1. No Poverty

Through empowering individuals and communities

2. Zero Hunger

Though empowering local farmers

3. Good Health & Well Being

Healthy living by using natural energy

4. Gender Equality

Supporting youth and women

5. Affordable and Clean Energy

Using natural materials

6. Decent Work & Economy growth

For youths and women

7. Climate Action

Through healthy environment

8. Life on Land

Utilizing animal waste